Hard Numbers

27: On Tuesday, the world marked the 30-year anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Thousands were killed and hundreds were arrested. The last known person held in prison, Miao Deshun, was reportedly released in October 2016 after 27 years behind bars. His crime? He threw a basket at a burning tank. His original sentence was death, later commuted for good behavior.

90: A new study published by the African Child Policy Forum, an Ethiopian think tank, finds that 60% of children across Africa don't eat often enough and that 90% don't meet the World Health Organization's standard for a minimally acceptable diet. According to the report, hunger has stunted the growth of one in three African children, a startling stat at a time of strong economic growth across much of the continent.

46: In Denmark, a nation that juts into the North and Baltic Seas, polls now show that 46 percent of voters rank climate change as their top concern, up from 27 percent just two years ago. The issue helped the center-left Social Democrats win the most seats in this week's national elections.

95 and 94: On Thursday, two D-Day veterans — Harry Read (aged 95) and John Hutton (aged 94) — parachuted back into Normandy with help from members of the Army's Parachute Regiment display team, the Red Devils.

America's internet giants are being pulled into political fights right and left these days. Speech – what can be said, and who can say it – is increasingly at the center of those controversies. Consider these two stories from opposite sides of the world:

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Italy's prime minister resigns – Giuseppe Conte, the caretaker prime minister appointed to mediate an uneasy governing alliance between Italy's anti-establishment 5Star Movement and the right-wing Lega party, resigned on Tuesday. Rather than wait for a no-confidence vote triggered by the rightwing Lega Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, Conte stepped down on his own terms. Salvini, who's popularity has been rising, had hoped that by triggering snap elections he could get himself appointed prime minister, will now have to wait for Italy's president, Sergio Mattarella, to decide what comes next. While Lega and smaller right-wing allies want a new vote, center and left-wing parties are apparently working to see if they can form a majority coalition – perhaps including 5Star -- that would allow Mattarella to appoint a new government without fresh elections. We're watching to see how the dust settles in Europe's third-biggest economy.

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300: The US tested a new medium-range cruise missile on Sunday that flew more than 300 miles. This marks the first time the US has tested a weapon that would have violated the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, a Cold War era pact that was officially abandoned three weeks ago, sparking fears of a new global arms race.

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