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Hard Numbers: A Kiwi crackdown on foreign political cash

20: When an image of tennis god Roger Federer is imprinted on a Swiss 20 franc silver coin in January, the 20-time Grand Slam winner will become Switzerland's first living person to have their likeness minted on a coin. Naturally, the "heads" side of the coin will show Federer executing his signature one-handed backhand.

58: Madrid may currently be hosting the UN Climate Change Conference, but 58 percent of Spaniards surveyed say they are "dissatisfied" with their country's environmental conservation efforts.

50: New Zealand's government has introduced legislation that would cap all foreign donations to political campaigns at just NZ $50 ($32 USD) in a bid to reduce foreign influence over domestic politics. Last year, the country's opposition leader was accused of failing to declare a $100,000 donation from a Chinese businessman.

208: Iranian state TV has confirmed that security forces shot and killed people in their brutal crackdown on nationwide protests last month, but said that those who died were "thugs and rioters." The broadcast didn't give a specific death toll, but the human rights watchdog Amnesty International says at least 208 people were killed.


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