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Hard Numbers: Did Bladerunner get the future right?

65 billion: Every year the EU doles out $65 billion in agriculture subsidies. A lot of that money is being used by populist leaders, such as Hungary's Viktor Orban, to enrich cronies and build anti-EU power bases in the countryside. An extraordinary investigation by the Times that's worth a read.

37: In 1982, Ridley Scott released his landmark dystopian sci-fi film Blade Runner, which took place in…November 2019. The BBC took an eye-opening look at what the director got right and wrong about technology and society 37 years in the future.

21: Police in Bangladesh have arrested 21 members of a government-backed campus group in connection with the killing of a university student who had apparently criticized a government water-sharing deal with India. The case prompted massive protests last month .

0: For the first time since it began keeping monthly records, the United States in October resettled precisely zero refugees from abroad. This comes as the Trump administration is cutting the overall number of refugees permitted in the United States and tightening requirements for entry.


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