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Hard Numbers: Europe Grapples with Migrant Surge

30: A U.S. drone strike aiming to hit an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, killed at least 30 civilians. There are around 2,000 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan, but some have been known to switch alliances between different insurgent groups, according to the US military.

3: The only criminal case to arise out of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster ended on Thursday when three former Tokyo Electric Power executives were acquitted on charges of failing to prevent the meltdown. Forty-four people were killed, and more than 160,000 residents were forced to flee in the aftermath due to radiation contamination.

791: On Tuesday alone, 791 migrants arrived in Greece, the latest influx amidst a recent surge in migrants arriving to Greece and Italy by boat. Europe has still not reached consensus on a bloc-wide policy for processing and supporting migrants.

40: Forty percent of eligible college students across the US voted in last year's midterm election, according to a new study published by Tufts University. That's double the college-voting student rate in the 2014 midterms, suggesting an uptick in students' political engagement that could be an important factor in next year's presidential election.


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