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Hard Numbers: India gets to the moon more cheaply than Hollywood

17: Iran says that in March it arrested 17 nationals who were working as spies for the US over a 12-month period, and that some have been sentenced to death. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – a former CIA director – said Iran had a "long history of lying," but he doesn't seem to have denied the claims.

60: A new study by McKinsey predicts that over the next decade, 60 percent of new jobs will be created in just 25 "megacities and high-growth hubs." But if you're watching the growing rural-urban divide in the US, you'll note that these job-boom cities are home to just 30 percent of the US's current population.

150 million: After an initial false start India's Chandrayaan-2 rocket is en route to the moon. If it lands there successfully, India will be the fourth country in the world to manage that feat after the US, Russia, and China. But get this: the entire mission will have cost Delhi less than $150 million – a figure that the NY Times points out, is less than it cost to make the 2014 film 'Interstellar.'"


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