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Hard Numbers:  Killed by an Indonesian Election

2020: The population of Americans under age 18 will be majority non-white by 2020, according to a study by a Brookings Institution demographer. In less than a decade, most Americans under 30 will be non-white. By 2045, a majority of all Americans will be non-white.

76: Bad news for Emmanuel Macron: Some 76 percent of French respondents said the so-called "great debate," the dialogue launched by the French president in response to the gilets jaunes ("Yellow Vest") protests, won't change Macron's unpopular style or methods, according to an online poll. A similar percentage said they don't expect the "great debate" or Macron's recent promises to put an end to the demonstrations.

21: Just 21 percent of South Africans trust their government, according to an annual poll conducted by the public relations firm Edelman. That's the lowest percentage among the 26 countries surveyed. South Africa holds national elections next Wednesday, May 8.

272: Indonesian officials claim that at least 272 election officers have died since the country's April 17 election, the largest ever single-day election in the world. Most of the deaths are blamed on fatigue-related illnesses caused by long hours spent counting millions of ballot papers by hand.


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