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Hard Numbers: Northern Syria is now running out of water

85: Taliban attacks meant to suppress voter turnout contributed to violence that left at least 85 dead and 400 wounded around the time of Afghanistan's presidential election, according to a new United Nations report. Turnout, not surprisingly, was low.

230 million: UK flagship carrier British Airways faces a $230 million fine for compromising the personal data of half a million of its customers. If enforced, the penalty would be the largest ever handed out under the European Union's stringent new data privacy laws.

200,000: Aid agencies are struggling to meet the needs of up to 200,000 displaced civilians who fled the Turkish bombardment in Syria's northeast, after fighting damaged a central water station in the city of Hasaka. A UNICEF representative said depletion of water supplies in the area was a "critical concern."

630 million: India's 630 million internet users surpass the populations of the US, the UK, Russia, and South Africa combined. But for every Indian who does have internet access, there's at least one who doesn't. With 66 percent of India's population living in rural areas, overcoming the digital divide remains a huge challenge.


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