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Hard Numbers: Prove That We Don't Exist. Prove It!

3: The US has recruited Australia to join its nascent mission of protecting ships in the critical Strait of Hormuz. Along with Britain and Bahrain, Australia is now the third country to join the US-led maritime mission, as high seas brinksmanship with the Iranians continues.

19 million: UN aid programs in Yemen, including emergency healthcare services and clean water programs, will be cut off because the funding pledged by UN member states has "failed to materialize." As a result, 19 million people in Yemen may lose access to healthcare in what is already the world's worst humanitarian crisis.

1 million: The German city of Bielefeld -- the decades-long subject of a good-humored conspiracy theory that it doesn't actually exist – is now offering 1 million euros to anyone who can prove it. City officials said there are "no limits to creativity."

3,450: Two years since Myanmar's Rohingya minority fled a state-backed genocide, more than 700,000 refugees remain in neighboring Bangladesh. The government of Myanmar has recently authorized 3,450 of them to return, over the objections of many of the refugees themselves as well as human rights observers.


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