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Hard Numbers: Take your 3,000 tons of trash back!

65: Africa contains 65 percent of the world's arable land, but bad roads, unreliable water supplies, and other complications force African countries to spend $35 billion per year to import food.

3,000: Malaysia plans to return 3,000 tons of plastic trash to the US, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and other countries, to protest improper labeling of garbage exported for recycling. Malaysian officials say much of the plastic the country receives is contaminated and can't be recycled.

130,000: It's been awhile since the Venezuelan government published stats on the country's economic crisis, but this week its central bank acknowledged that the country's inflation rate hit 130,000 percent last year. That's considerably lower than the 10 million percent the IMF has forecast for this year, but it's clear that the meltdown continues.

1: In March, Mexico passed China to become the world's number one exporter to the United States for the very first time. The value of Mexican imports to the US has surpassed those from China as a direct result of the US-China trade war.


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