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Hump day recommendations 11/08/2022

Watch: “Fail Safe.” Imagine a film with a story eerily similar to Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr. Strangelove” … that is definitely not a comedy. “Fail Safe,” starring Henry Fonda and a resolutely unfunny Walter Matthau, directed by the great Sidney Lumet, had the bad luck of hitting the big screen in the same year (1964) as the iconic Strangelove. It’s still worth a look in this new era of nuclear paranoia and hotly contested presidential leadership. — Willis

Watch: The Stranger. When I was studying journalism in Melbourne, Australia, I interviewed a generous couple whose grandson, Daniel Morcombe, was tragically abducted and murdered in 2002 in Queensland. We pored over old letters and family albums, which gave me a sense for all that they’d lost. The story of the undercover police investigation to pin down Daniel’s killer has been turned into The Stranger, a new film streaming on Netflix. The film’s understated Aussie flair makes it that much more impactful. – Gabrielle

Listen: Foreign Desk’s Historical Series. For three weeks, Monocle’s podcast team is exploring big historical events, reporting them as if they were happening today. Rather than seeing with hindsight the significance of the USSR’s launch of Sputnik 1, reporters share only the information that was available at the time. Episode 2 takes us to the streets of Dublin for the 1916 Easter Rising, and this coming weekend Episode 3 heads all the way back to the Sack of Troy, wooden horse and all. — Tracy

Watch: "Becoming Champions." Did you know only eight countries — all from Europe and South America — have won the men's soccer World Cup? Check out this Netflix docu-series to learn more about the players and teams that made history while you count the days to kickoff in Qatar. — Carlos


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