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Humpday recommendations 10/05/2022

Listen: “The Prince.” Much of the attention at China's big Communist Party gathering later this month will focus on Xi Jinping. Yet the most influential Chinese leader since Deng Xiaoping is still a black box in many ways. Want to learn more about Xi and what makes him tick? Check out this 8-episode podcast series by Sue-Lin Wong, China correspondent for The Economist. — Carlos

Watch. “Fauda.” Meaning “chaos” in Arabic, this gritty series focuses on an Israeli intel unit working against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The main character, Doron, comes out of retirement to tackle an enemy he once thought was dead … and chaos ensues. Doron and his crew drive home the personal and psychological toll of working in Israeli intelligence thanks to scenes filled with anger, love, violence, and loss. — Tracy

Listen: “The Waste Land,” by TS Eliot as read by Alec Guinness. I would listen to Alec Guinness read the warning label on a package of baking soda. Much better to hear him read the masterwork of a masterful poet. — Willis

Watch: “Hold Me Tight.” In this new film by French filmmaker Mathieu Amalric, Clarissa, a 40-something mum of two, wants to stay with her family so she ... runs away. Adapted from a play, this movie is about women’s grief. Clarissa is played by the pensive Vicky Krieps, one of my favorite actors. – Gabrielle

Kneel: Before Zod. I haven’t watched “Superman II” in probably 35 years but wow does it hold up well. This is the one where Superman gives up his powers in order to be with Lois Lane, just as the unflappably pitiless, leather-clad General Zod arrives with his goons to enslave the planet. Do you recall how it all ends? Lois Lane can’t remember a thing… (Btw, since I haven’t seen this film since I learned to read, I noticed for the first time that it was written by Godfather author Mario Puzo?!) — Alex


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