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Humpday recommendations 6/7/2023

Listen: First Aid Kit. It’s only been a few months since a friend introduced me to this Swedish duo, and I can’t get enough of them. Their vibe is folksy/indie/pop, and they are simply superb. My favorite song is Angel, but they are all bangers. – Gabrielle

Read: Looking for Trouble,” by Virginia Cowles. Looking for a memoir about an intrepid gossip writer-turned-war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War and World War II? Perhaps the two career paths shouldn't blend, but when they did, they created a journalist who knew how to be in the right room at the right time. She merged keen political analysis with an eye for human detail and got a revealing conversation out of every major European leader of the time. The writing is vivid and will make you feel like you are back in 1937 with her watching the rise of fascism and Europe slumbering into World War II. – Riley

Hang: upside down. My recommendation this week is not a great work of literature. It is not a soaring or beautiful piece of music. It is not a classic film. It is a short video of bats flipped upside down in such a way that they end up ruling a goth nightclub. Please to enjoy here. Also, Riley notes that even without the bat video, the suggestion to simply “hang upside down” feels worthy for a Wednesday. Double up by hanging upside down while watching the bat video. -Alex


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