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Hump day recommendations: Hip-hop's 50th anniversary

Hump day recommendations: Hip-hop's 50th anniversary

In honor of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary this month, we asked our GZERO and Eurasia Group colleagues for their favorite hip-hop artists from around the world. Since hip-hop was born out of a block party in the Bronx 50 years ago, it has spread to every corner of the world. The internet has accelerated its globalization, enabling anyone with a voice to release a verse to the universe. From Nigeria’s Burna Boy to Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny, it's clear that the future of hip-hop is global (yes, we know Puerto Rico is a US territory, but Spanish rap topping the streaming charts three years in a row is huge). You can listen to our playlist of 50 hip-hop artists from 50 different countries here. Who’s your favorite hip-hop artist? Let us know here.

Racionais MC, Brazil: ”Racionais MC were cultural pioneers in Brazil. They used their music to address social and racial issues – inherently connected in Brazil – sparking critical conversations about inequality, police brutality, racism, and crime” – Luiza Aranha, Associate in Geo‑Technology, EG

Sido, Germany: “Germany has a pretty rich hip-hop and rap scene, with artists like Bushido, Cro und Capital Bra leading the all-time favorites lists. One of our classics is a guy called Sido. Listen to his song "Versager" (meaning loser or failure).” – Jan Techau, EG Europe Director

La Etnnia, Colombia: “The group that started it all. They’ve been around for like 25 years.” – Alex Kliment, Puppet Regime creator and GZERO Daily writer

IAM, France: “I love how well the rapid but flowing manner of French works with rhythms of hip-hop. IAM was incredibly influential in popularizing hip-hop in France. Originating in Marseille, many of their lyrics focus on inequality and life in the banlieues.” – Riley Callanan, GZERO Daily Writer


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