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Hump day recommendations, April 12, 2023

Watch: “Other People’s Children.”“Life is both short and long.” That’s what an ancient-looking French gynecologist tells 40-something Rachel, who’s confronting the slowing of her biological clock – a cinematic concept often used as a bludgeon. But not in this film. Director Rebecca Zlotowski magnificently explores fertility and love, and the highs and lows of caring for other people’s children. – Gabrielle

Watch: “A Single Man.”In probably the best performance of his career (bold statement, I know!) Colin Firth plays an English professor stricken with grief a year after the death of his boyfriend (Matthew Goode) in 1960’s Los Angeles. Fashion designer Tom Ford directs this richly melancholic and stunningly beautiful modern masterpiece. Benjamin

Watch: Tifo. Whether you're a soccer nut like me or only have a healthy interest in the Beautiful Game, you'll love this YouTube channel, acquired by The Athletic in 2020. It packs in-depth tactical, historical, and geopolitical coverage into short animated videos. A tad Premier League-heavy but still great, and don't miss the multipart historical lead-up to the 2022 World Cup. Carlos

Watch: “The Lost King.” If, like me, you’re into British history and have a wannabe archaeologist for a teenager, you’ll enjoy this movie (in cinemas) about the 2012 discovery of King Richard III’s remains under a Leicester car park. The politics between a well-meaning amateur historian and experienced scientists add tension, and for intrigue … there are apparitions. – Tracy

Watch: “Judgement at Nuremberg.”To mark the passing of the late, great Ben Ferencz, watch this Stanley Kramer classic, the first film of its kind to tackle the horrors of the Nazi genocide and the subsequent trial that would change the world. Perhaps no other film offers a more haunting warning to humanity than with its closing monologue. Spencer Tracy heads a stellar cast featuring Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, and an Oscar-winning turn by Maximilian Schell. – Benjamin

Listen: Maude Latour's new singles "Lunch" and "Heaven" are springtime bops that will have you skipping down the sidewalk. Latour is an upcoming indie pop artist with a voice like Lorde and the lyrics of an angsty philosophy student. Her new songs are trying to capture falling in love in real time, and feel as fresh as spring morning. --Riley


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