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Abortion in Florida: banned and on the ballot

 USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect

USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect

USA TODAY NETWORK via Reuters Connect
The Florida Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the state’s constitution does not protect abortion rights, forcing a six-week abortion ban to go into effect on May 1. In a separate decision, justices also called for a vote to enshrine abortion rights into the state’s constitution in November.

The decisions are likely to benefit Democrats in November. Surveys have shown that most of Florida’s voters oppose bans on abortion during the very early stages of pregnancy, and Democrats have consistently won in swing states when abortion is on the ballot. Donald Trump, who is trying to claw back some credibility on the issue after appointing the justices that overturned Roe v Wade, called the ban “terrible.”

It also all but eliminates abortion access in the Southern USand will strain abortion services across the country. Last year, more than 84,000 people got abortions in Florida, more than in almost any other state, and a yearly increase of 2,000 thanks to people from other states with bans traveling to the Sunshine State to receive abortion care.


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