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345: Pakistan’s newly elected prime minister, Imran Khan, who rose to power as an anti-corruption crusader, is already under fire for claiming his daily helicopter commute to work costs just $6.12, close to the price of a taxi. The real cost, according to BBC Urdu, was estimated at $345 per trip.

66: Vladimir Putin went on TV this week to announce the Russian government would backtrack on unpopular changes to the country’s pension system. Men will still see pension age move from 60 to 65, despite complaints that life expectancy for Russian men is just 66 years old. But women will see the pension age move from 55 to 60 rather than 63. It’s a rare Putin retreat, thanks in part to a pension-related 16-point drop in his approval rating from 80 percent to 64 percent.

53: Argentina’s currency crisis intensified this week. The value of Argentina’s peso fell 7 percent on Wednesday and another 15 percent on Thursday. It’s down 53 percent against the dollar so far this year. The International Monetary Fund has responded by agreeing to accelerate the pace of a $50 billion bailout of the country.

52: Ninety-one percent of US adults say Supreme Court decisions have an impact on their everyday lives, but 52 percent cannot name a single justice now serving on the Court. Anger and apathy are a dangerous combination.

Meet Alessandra Cominetti, a recipient of MIT Technology Review Magazine's Innovators Under 35 award. As a lab technician at Eni's Research Centre for Renewable Energy in Novara, Alessandra has devoted her career to finding new solutions and materials to optimize solar energy. Much like the serendipitous encounter that resulted in her employment, her eagerness and willingness to try new things allowed her to stumble upon a material for the creation of portable solar panels.

Watch her remarkable story on the latest episode of Faces of Eni.

"If [the election] is very close and it ends up in the courts, that kind of protracted situation I think will lead many Americans to believe that it was an unfair election." Rick Hasen, election law expert and author of Election Meltdown, lays out some of the worst-case scenarios for Election Day, ranging from unprecedented voter suppression to dirty tricks by foreign actors. The conversation was part of the latest episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer. The episode begins airing nationally in the US on public television this Friday, October 30. Check local listings.

Joe Biden has vowed to radically change the US' approach to foreign policy and international diplomacy should he win next week's election.

But a lot has happened in four years under Donald Trump that could impede Biden's ability to simply return to the status quo ante. How different would US foreign policy really be under a Biden presidency? What will the two-term former vice president likely be able to change, and what's bound to remain the same, at least for now?

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On Wednesday, November 4 at 11a EST, we're gathering a panel to discuss "What Just Happened" with the US election. GZERO Media's Ian Bremmer, Tony Maciulis and Alex Kliment will be joined by The Washington Post's Karen Attiah and Eurasia Group's Jon Lieber. Watch live at: gzeromedia.com/gzerolive.

Decision 2020: What Just Happened? Wednesday, November 4, 11a EST/8a PST


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Jon Lieber, Managing Director for the United States at the Eurasia Group, shares his perspective on a special US election edition of US Politics In 60 Seconds:

So, we're about five days out from the election right now.

And the story of this week has been the remarkably steady polling lead for Joe Biden that he's had for months now. The other big story is the turnout, massive amounts of turnout. 100% of the 2016 vote already cast in Texas. 60% nationwide votes already cast. We are headed for record shattering turnout, could be around 155 million Americans voting.

On election night, what are we watching for?

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