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Hard Numbers

5 million: A tech glitch in computer systems in Moscow has mangled the names and addresses of more than 5 million drivers with unpaid traffic tickets, leading many to believe the fines have been “forgiven.” #FreshStart


62: According to a new study, 62 percent of US jobs classify as living-wage or hardship. Some who hold these jobs “may not live paycheck to paycheck, but their full-time, primary jobs alone likely are not sufficient to get ahead without sacrifices or government benefits,” wrote the study’s authors.


30: Nearly 30 percent of anti-Semitic attacks online come from automated bots, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The individuals behind the bots remain unknown.


0: Following closure of the People’s Bookstore, a small shop in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay district, there are now zero book shops in Hong Kong where it’s possible to buy books that are banned inside China.


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