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Hard Numbers

56,200: The migrant wave reaching Europe is crashing onto new shores in Spain. The UNHCR estimates that Spain has taken in 56,200 migrants arriving by sea so far this year, more than any other country in the EU. That could boost a newly-created far-right party, Vox, which faces its first electoral test in local elections in the Southern region of Andalusia this Sunday.

38: The global suicide rate has fallen by 38 percent since peaking in 1994, according to The Economist. That means some 4 million lives were saved (for comparison: a million people have died in armed conflict during the same period). But that positive news masks a more worrisome picture in the US, where the suicide rate has jumped 18 percent since 2000.

11.2: Today, Saudi Arabia is extracting a historic high of 11.2 million barrels of crude per day. The Saudi crude surge – cheered byUS President Donald Trump – has contributed to a recent drop in global oil prices.

3.2: As a result of US-China trade tensions, the average tariff on US imports has risen to around 3.2 percent today. While that's an increase of about 1.8 percentage points from last year, it's roughly on par with levels seen in the early 1990s, before President Bill Clinton lowered them. It's still a far cry from the 1930s, when the average US tariff was a whopping 20 percent.


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