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Hard Numbers

65 and 18: The average age of Sub-Saharan Africa’s leaders is 65. The average age of the region’s citizens is 18.

70: The lower house of India’s national parliament sits for only 70 days a year. That compares with 131 days in the US House of Representatives, 142 days in the UK’s House of Commons, and 150 days in Japan’s Diet.

12: Democrats have outperformed their Republican opponents by an average of 12 points more than predicted by the partisan split in the special elections that have been held since Trump’s election victory. #TrumpEffect

1/3: More than one-third of Puerto Rico is still without power three months after Hurricane Maria.

6,700: At least 6,700 members of Myanmar’s Rohingya minority were killedduring the first month of the government’s crackdown, according to Doctors Without Borders. The government claims there have only been 400 casualties.

80: Iran and its allies now provide 80 percent of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s fighters, according to an estimate from officials in the Trump administration.


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