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SPEND SOME TIME WITH: Ramy, Angélique, and more coffee

This week's recs on good stuff outside of the news cycle.

Watch:Ramy, Egyptian-American comedian Ramy Yousseff's eye-opening autobiographical sitcom about the comedy and conflicts of growing up as a Muslim millennial in the shadow of New York City. The log line for the show should really be "Sex, Drugs, and Allah."

Hear: Three-time Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo's spectacular reinterpretation of Cuban salsa legend Celia Cruz's repertoire. It's a musical adventure of world historical scope: Kidjo is from Benin, whose territory is home to many of the musical and religious traditions that, via the slave trade, formed the basis of Afro-Cuban music.

Drink: A cup of coffee and read this piece on how soaring production from traditional coffee superpowers like Colombia and Brazil has outstripped demand, driving farmers out of business in Central American countries where violence has already led hundreds of thousands of to risk northward journeys in search of refuge and opportunity.


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