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US Capitol, January 2021.

Aurora Samperio via Reuters Connect

Congress keeps it old school

Last June, the House of Representatives banned staff use of ChatGPT — the free version at least. Now, it’s telling staffers that use of Microsoft’s Copilot, a tool built on the same large language model as ChatGPT, is also prohibited.

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In this photo illustration, Microsoft Copilot AI logo is seen on a smartphone screen.

(Photo by Pavlo Gonchar / SOPA Images/Sipa USA)

Troubling images plague Microsoft’s Copilot

Mere weeks after Google suspended its Gemini text-to-image generator for producing offensive images, Microsoft is facing similar turmoil over one of its products.

According to CNBC, which replicated the results, an engineer at Microsoft was able to use its Copilot tool to generate “demons and monsters alongside terminology related to abortion rights, teenagers with assault rifles, sexualized images of women in violent tableaus, and underage drinking and drug use.”

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