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What happened in the Hong Kong elections?

What happened in the Hong Kong elections?
What happened in the Hong Kong elections?

What happened in the Hong Kong elections and what does it mean for China?

Well, the elections were massive turnout. Almost all Democrats won. So that means in local elections doesn't have a lot of power, just matter for local issues like potholes and such. Overwhelmingly pro-democracy wins. That certainly means that they're not going to give up in their demands for autonomy vis-a-vis mainland China anytime soon. And the Chinese aren't about to provide that to them. So, I still think we've got problems in Hong Kong.

Will Benjamin Netanyahu resign following his indictment on corruption charges?

No, he doesn't resign. He keeps going and going and going. He's hanging on by his fingernails, but his fingernails are really, really long. Could be a third election. And as long as he has the ability to still be prime minister, that indictment charge doesn't stick. Because he's a sitting prime minister. But if he loses, in particular, Benny Gantz running against him is able to pull together a government, then not Netanyahu is gone. Watch the next couple of weeks.

What role did Ukraine have in 2016 U.S. election meddling?

None. None whatsoever. Watch what the entire intelligence organization said. It's Russia. It's not Ukraine. What's wrong with you people?

Happy Thanksgiving. Which world leader has the most to be thankful for?

I'm gonna say Macron. Why? Because he's really young. He's probably going to win another election. He has a lot of time in front of him and he start his own party. So, he should be really thankful that he can do all that stuff. That's good.


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