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What is most impressive about Apple's new iPhone 11?

What is most impressive about Apple's new iPhone 11?
What Is Most Impressive About Apple's New iPhone 11?

Buy or sell: The iPhone

I'll make both arguments. First, buy. The new iPhone 11 didn't blow people's mind. But it's a pretty good phone. But what is most impressive is they lowered the prices on many of their phones and they offer a really good trade ins. So you can take your old iPhone, trade it in, get a discount on a new one. It's a pretty good deal. On the other hand, if the question is more: Is the iPhone still the unadulterated leader in innovation? Maybe not. The event was not quite as transformative as some of these events have been.

Second, what does industry feared tech regulator Margrethe Vestager's new role for the European Commission mean for the tech consumer?

Well, it means a lot. So, a lot of the tech industry thought Vestager was going to go away when her current job disappeared this fall. But instead she has been promoted. So she is going to be hammering the tech companies on antitrust issues. She's going to be leading the charge to break them up. And that may be good for consumers or it may be bad. But we shall see. Certainly, tech executives are not thrilled.


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