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What should you buy on Black Friday?

What should you buy on Black Friday?

What tech deal should I expect to find on Black Friday?

Tons. And they've been curated really well on We have a whole bunch of reporters looking all over the Internet for good deals. But there are always great electronic deals. You want to get a new TV, a new robot vacuum? Amazon, which is trying to pull you in, will often have its core products at deeply discounted prices. There's lots of stuff, lots of electronics that you can get.

Are Black Friday tech deals always offering soon-to-be data tech?

That's a conspiracy theory question. I actually don't think so. When you're buying televisions, yes, sometimes you're getting old models that have been deeply discounted, but it's a very competitive market and companies know that people like to shop on Black Friday. So, they do offer new stuff as well.

What are you buying on Black Friday?

Ha, good question. I do need a new Kindle, but I'm going to buy one of these, for my kids. Good time to do some Christmas shopping.


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