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Are We In The Brexit Endgame?

Are We In The Brexit Endgame?
Are we in the Brexit endgame?

Lord William Hague:

Is this the Brexit endgame? Well, I would say it's the end of the beginning-game. It's the first time the British Parliament has actually seen a way forward, approved a specific form of Brexit. It's the first time we can say there's a deal here, that one way or another is probably going to get through. But even if it does, there's a lot more to come next year on how long is the transition? What's the future free trade agreement?

David Miliband:

Are we entering the Brexit endgame? The only answer to that is that the parliamentary endgame, as regards the withdrawal agreement bill, is now in its final stages, but not necessarily the absolute end. As I speak, we don't know what the programme for debate on the withdrawal agreement is going to be. It deserves to be longer than the 36 hours that have been set aside because there should be no magic about the thirty first of October deadline. Parliament should scrutinize the 110 pages properly, in my view. And that allows an informed view to be taken.


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