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What will HBO do after Game of Thrones?

What will HBO do after Game of Thrones?
Game of Thrones is FINALLY over. What will HBO do now?

What happens to HBO after Game of Thrones?

So they might lose a few subscribers. People like myself, who signed up just for Game of Thrones, and canceled this morning. But they do have some exciting shows coming up. You know Euphoria, Watchmen, His Dark Materials, Big Little Lies season 2. Game of Thrones wasn't always a point in television. It takes a lot of bets to figure out which one will be. It's gonna be interesting to see if they maintain that high quality creation with the departure of Richard Plepler, the CEO after the acquisition.

Stop asking for another season 8 of Game of Thrones just because you didn't like this one. Obviously it's not going to happen I don't think people signing a petition think it's going to happen but it's ridiculous. This is art. Don't behave like a angry customer on TripAdvisor. If you don't like it. Well this is art it's not about the audience it's about the creator's vision. You can critique it, dislike it, hate it. I certainly have opinions but ultimately it's up to the creators. Art is supposed to make you a little riled up. If you're feeling disappointed, questioning, disturbed that's exactly what art is supposed to do. So enjoy it and look forward to the next show who makes us feel this riled up!


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