Russia-Ukraine: Two years of war
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Hard Numbers: They Made $300,000 While You Were Reading Signal!

64: A record high 64 percent of Americans say they support free trade, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll. That level is up 7 points over the past two years.

10,242: After a white nationalist murdered 51 Muslims in New Zealand in March, the government banned most military-style rifles and set aside money to buy back those already in circulation. Since mid-July, 10,242 of these weapons have been brought in for cash, and more than a thousand more were turned in with no questions asked.

1: Thailand leads the world in motorcycle deaths and income inequality, and observers say those two stats are related. On the country's slick highways, elites speed along in fast cars or SUVs among the motorcycles and scooters used by poorer Thais. More than 85% of all traffic fatalities involve moto-riders.

$4 million: The world's wealthiest family, the Waltons, the owners of Walmart, keep getting richer, and fast. According to Bloomberg, their wealth rises $4 million every hour. To put this in perspective, the Walton's made more than $300,000 in the time it took you to read today's edition of Signal.


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