Hard Numbers: They Made $300,000 While You Were Reading Signal!

64: A record high 64 percent of Americans say they support free trade, according to a new NBC/WSJ poll. That level is up 7 points over the past two years.

10,242: After a white nationalist murdered 51 Muslims in New Zealand in March, the government banned most military-style rifles and set aside money to buy back those already in circulation. Since mid-July, 10,242 of these weapons have been brought in for cash, and more than a thousand more were turned in with no questions asked.

1: Thailand leads the world in motorcycle deaths and income inequality, and observers say those two stats are related. On the country's slick highways, elites speed along in fast cars or SUVs among the motorcycles and scooters used by poorer Thais. More than 85% of all traffic fatalities involve moto-riders.

$4 million: The world's wealthiest family, the Waltons, the owners of Walmart, keep getting richer, and fast. According to Bloomberg, their wealth rises $4 million every hour. To put this in perspective, the Walton's made more than $300,000 in the time it took you to read today's edition of Signal.

Ferrera Erbognone, a small town in the northern Italian province of Pavia, is home to one of the most cutting-edge computing centers in the world: Eni's Green Data Center. All of the geophysical and seismic prospecting data Eni produces from all over the world ends up here. Now, the Green Data Center is welcoming a new supercomputing system: HPC5, an advanced version of the already powerful HPC4. Due to be completed by early 2020, HPC5 will triple the Green Data Center's computing power, from 18.6 to 52 petaflops, equivalent to 52 million billion mathematical operations per second.

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This week, the process of impeaching President Trump entered the critical phase as the House of Representatives held its first public hearings. The battle lines are now drawn.

The Democrats say that there is compelling evidence that Trump withheld badly needed military to aid to an ally at war to pressure that country's government to provide him with personal political benefit by helping him discredit a political rival.

The Republicans say that the evidence comes mainly from witnesses with little or no direct contact with the president, and that the military aid was delivered to Ukraine without the Ukrainian president taking the actions Trump is alleged to have demanded.

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The fight for the Nile: In recent days, the Trump administration has tried to mediate three-way talks between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia on their long-running dispute to access the waters of the Nile. In short, a 1929 treaty gave Egypt and Sudan rights to nearly all Nile waters and the right to veto any attempt by upstream countries to claim a greater share. But in 2011, Ethiopia began work on the so-called Grand Renaissance Dam on the Blue Nile tributary from where 85 percent of the Nile's waters flow. The project, due for completion next year, will be Africa's largest hydroelectric power plant. Egypt, which draws 85 percent of its water from the Nile, has made threats that raised fears of military action. We're watching as this conflict finally comes to a head early next year.

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13: More than 13 percent of US adults, 34 million people, report having a friend or family member who has died in the past five years because they couldn't afford medical treatment, according to a new Gallup poll. Polls show that voters consider healthcare a high-priority issue in next year's US elections.

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What were the reasons behind the rise of the Vox Party in the Spanish general election?

I think it was basically the question of Catalonia, the unity of the Spanish nations. And VOX played very hard on that particular issue and it was eating into the support of the other center-right forces there. So, it has now established itself fairly firmly on the Spanish political scene with the consequences that that will have.

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