Russia-Ukraine: Two years of war
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Hump day recommendations, March 29, 2023

Watch: “Other People’s Children.” “Life is both short and long.” That’s what an ancient-looking French gynecologist tells 40-something Rachel, who’s confronting the slowing of her biological clock – a cinematic concept often used as a bludgeon. But not in this film. Director Rebecca Zlotowski magnificently explores fertility and love, and the highs and lows of caring for other people’s children. – Gabrielle

Watch: “In the Bedroom. Writer-director Todd Field is one of the most interesting and elusive filmmakers of his generation. A protege of Stanley Kubrick, Field seems to disappear for years before re-emerging with another masterpiece, as he did last year with Tár after a break of 16 years. Starring Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek, this 2001 film centering on a Maine family is at once intimate, harrowing, and shocking. – Benjamin

Scroll: NPR's "Planet Money."TikTok for economics explained by a connoisseur of whimsy. If you think that TikTok can't be a news medium, this account will change your mind. Prepare to crack up as shell companies are explained through sweaters and the SVB crash is summed up in 60 seconds of dry, deeply nerdy, humor. – Riley


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