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713: China had only registered 713 female pilots by the end of 2017, compared to 55,052 men who’d been granted their wings. But as demand to expand flights increases rapidly, the country is moving to bring more women into the aviation workforce.


50: Cities are increasingly the centers of global growth: a recent study from McKinsey shows that 50 “superstar” cities account for 21 percent of global GDP, despite being home to just 8 percent of the world’s population. #RunningAwayWithTheBall


14: On Monday, India’s capital Delhi experienced smog with levels of dangerous pollution up to 24 times the recommended limit. The country remains home to 14 of the 15 most polluted cities in the world, according to the World Health Organization, despite significant progress made by the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in improving access to sanitation and prioritizing cleanliness.


11: Only 11 percent of strong Trump supporters believe the mainstream media, whereas 91 percent say they trust the word of the president, according to a CBS poll. The fervor with which many support Mr. Trump could fuel further clashes between his most loyal supporters and those who oppose his agenda after yesterday’s midterm results.


10: The former East Germany lost 10 percent of its population after the Belin Wall fell in 1989, with lasting political effects today. Two-thirds of those who left and didn’t come back were women. The resulting gender imbalance is reflected in the region’s support for Alternative for Germany party, which has cultivated particular success among disenchanted men.


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