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Hard Numbers

29,168: There were 29,168 murders in Mexico in 2017, the highest number since the government began collecting statistics in 1997. Public anger over rising violence will be front and center as the country elects a new president in July.

131: This week, eleven countries agreed to sign a revised version of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact that initially included US participation and would have contributed $131 billion annually to US GDP, according to the Peterson Institute.

20: Nearly 20 percent of young people in Europe (aged 18–24) are still looking for work. #TheCrisisContinues

4: Doctors in Syria have reported four chemical weapons attacks by government forces since the start of this year. After missile strikes against the country last year, President Trump vowed Assad would again “pay a heavy price” for any additional use of such weapons.

2/3: Two-thirds of India’s 1.2 billion people are younger than 35. That’s much more than double the entire population of the US.


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