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Steve Bannon: 'Oligarch' Mike Bloomberg wants to be 'overlord of the Democratic Party'

Steve Bannon: 'Oligarch' Mike Bloomberg wants to be 'overlord of the Democratic Party'

On this week's episode of GZERO World with Ian Bremmer, which begins airing nationally in the U.S. on public television this Friday, February 7, host Ian Bremmer sits down with former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. In a newly released preview, Bannon, credited as a mastermind behind much of Donald Trump's 2016 strategy, tackles the upcoming U.S. election and offers his thoughts on the Democratic contenders. Bannon offers strong condemnation of former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's strategy of spending potentially billions on the race. Bloomberg won't be participating in the Democratic debate on Friday night, but he has become the elephant in the room as primary voting gets underway.

In the full episode, Bannon discusses impeachment and his view that Nancy Pelosi has done "a good job," China and the handling of the coronavirus outbreak, fake news as a weapon, and he reveals the Democratic contender who could get his vote.

Check local listings for airings on your public television station, and see the complete episode Monday, February 10, at

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