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Philippines detects new swine fever outbreaks, eyes more pork imports

September 24, 2020 4:17 PM

MANILA (REUTERS) - The Philippines' Department of Agriculture said on Thursday (Sept 24) it had detected new African swine fever outbreaks in six provinces, raising the possibility that the domestic pork shortfall anticipated by year-end will be bigger than initially expected.

Thousands infected with disease after leak at China factory

September 19, 2020 5:00 AM

BEIJING • Thousands of people in north-west China have tested positive for a bacterial disease after a leak from a state-owned biopharmaceutical plant making animal vaccines last year.

World Briefs: S. Korean President replaces some aides

August 11, 2020 5:00 AM

SEOUL • President Moon Jae-in of South Korea replaced some of his senior aides yesterday as part of a shake-up aimed at jacking up approval ratings amid criticism over skyrocketing home prices.

Indonesia battles another health crisis as dengue cases continue to climb

June 21, 2020 5:00 AM

The Indonesian authorities are worried about another health crisis on their hands, dengue haemorrhagic fever, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Wuhan virus: WHO declares 'Public Health Emergency' - what does that mean?

January 31, 2020 11:42 AM

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines a global health emergency as an "extraordinary event" that is "serious, unusual or unexpected."

Wuhan virus: Chinese teen with cerebral palsy dies at home six days after father's quarantine

January 30, 2020 5:16 PM

BEIJING - A Chinese teenage boy suffering from cerebral palsy was found dead at home in Hubei province six days after his father and younger brother were quarantined for suspected infection with a novel coronavirus.

Thailand confirms fifth case of new coronavirus

January 24, 2020 9:37 PM

BANGKOK (REUTERS) - Thailand on Friday (Jan 24) confirmed its fifth case of the new coronavirus, a senior public health official said, in the second instance in which a patient was not detected at the airport before entering the country.

China's wild animal markets a breeding ground for disease

January 24, 2020 5:00 AM

What hits a visitor to China's wild animal markets immediately is the smell. It is an odour so overwhelmingly putrid that one would leave at once if one did not have any real business to be there.

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