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The best business books of 2019

The best business books of 2019
The best business books of 2019

What were your favorite business books for 2019? What could you buy your friends and family?

So, my favorite books, I'll list them right now. Scott Galloway, The Algebra of Happiness. If you want something that's going to just smack you right into reality of what it's like to live an authentic life, read Scott Galloway's book. I love his no nonsense talking. Trillion Dollar Coach. This is a book about Bill Campbell. Now, if you don't know Bill Campbell, he was one of the most famous executive coaches in Silicon Valley. He coached some of the biggest tech names out there. And he offers the authors offer many of Bill Campbell's life lessons. And finally, Julie Zhuo's The Making of a Manager, explains what it is you need to do in order to lead properly. Now, I fell in love with Julie's writing, reading her on Medium. And so, I read a lot of her blogs and it's so great to see that she wrote a book that is a collection of her writing.

What is your favorite business book of all time?

So, hands down, The Hard Thing About the Hard Things by Ben Horowitz is my favorite business book. It really gives you a reality check on what it's like to be an entrepreneur. I read it when I started Radiate it and it gave me exactly what I needed to face the tremendous ups and the extreme lows of being an entrepreneur.


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