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The Graphic Truth: Who's arming Ukraine?

Who's arming Ukraine?

Many countries have pledged weapons and military equipment – and big bucks – to help Ukraine better arm itself against the Russian army. Just this week, the US announced an additional $550 million in military aid to Kyiv in the near term, including more ammunition for the much-coveted High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS). Making commitments is one thing, but delivering on those pledges is another. Indeed, some countries – like France and Italy – have been criticized for not providing more military aid to Ukraine, yet both those states have delivered on 100% of their commitments. While it is by far the largest single contributor to Ukraine's war chest, the US has yet to follow through on over half of its military aid commitments. We look at 10 countries that have pledged the most military aid to Ukraine and at how much they have delivered.


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