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Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Tracking the ruble rebound

The ruble is back on top. Why?

What a wild ride the ruble has had so far this year.

Russia's currency nosedived in late February, losing as much as 30% of its value against the US dollar when Western nations slapped tough sanctions on the Kremlin for invading Ukraine. But then Vladimir Putin pulled out all the stops to save the ruble.

Spoiler: it worked.

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The Graphic Truth: Has clean water access improved?

In many low- and middle-income countries, availability of safe, drinkable water remains scarce. Though access has improved significantly in many places over the past two decades – by 152% in Afghanistan, for instance – the very low baseline means that still only 28% of that population has access to high quality drinking water. Meanwhile, countries like the Central African Republic, Zambia, Nepal, and Pakistan saw their access reduced over the past two decades. Here’s a snapshot of the relative change in access to safe drinking water around the world from 2000-2020.

Ari Winkleman

The Graphic Truth: Zero-COVID is hurting China's economy

Xi Jinping’s zero-COVID policy has saved many Chinese lives … at a huge economic cost. China’s economy is now back to the early days of the pandemic: the manufacturing index is down almost four points from a year ago and at its lowest level since early 2020, while exports are weak due to zero-COVID restrictions at major ports like Shanghai. We take a look at Chinese manufacturing and exports over the past year.

The Graphic Truth: Abortion laws around the world

While the debate over fetal rights versus a woman’s right to choose is particularly ferocious in the US, it’s also a divisive issue in many parts of the world, particularly in countries where the Roman Catholic Church holds influence. We take a look at abortion laws globally, as well as countries with the highest official abortion rates.

Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Thirsty for Russian energy

Much of the world has long relied on Russian energy to power their economies. That makes it very hard for them to punish the Kremlin for invading Ukraine by ditching Russia's plentiful oil, natural gas, and coal in the near term. So, who's most dependent on Russian fossil fuels? We look at a select group of OECD economies.

The Graphic Truth: Global food prices on the rise

Pandemic-related supply chain disruptions – exacerbated by the Ukraine war – have sent the global food supply into chaos. Ukraine and Russia are massive food exporters, and the war has left global food supplies scarce and prices sky-high. Some countries have responded to the turmoil by enforcing export bans on some products to keep prices down at home – further disrupting the global food network. We take a look at food inflation in select countries over the past year.

The Graphic Truth: Abortion and race in America

Women across America will be impacted if the US Supreme Court repeals the landmark Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. But some will struggle more than others. Women and girls of means living in the South and Midwest – where abortion is likely to be outlawed – will likely be able to travel to deep-blue states where the procedure will remain legal. That won’t be an option for women from lower socio-economic groups who can’t afford to travel across the country for the procedure. Women’s rights groups say that women of color will be most disadvantaged by the change. We take a look at the percent of annual abortions, by race, in the 13 states with trigger laws that would outlaw abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned.

Ari Winkleman

The Graphic Truth: Twitter doesn't rule the social world

Elon Musk aside, does anybody else love Twitter? The platform’s 280-character tweets are an essential tool for governments, institutions, politicians, and journalists — as well as eccentric billionaires, of course — but in the grander scheme, not a lot of regular folks are hooked. We look at the brave — and scary — user numbers of social media, where not many care whether you RT’d or simply liked their thread.

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