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Luisa Vieira

Graphic Truth: Where does the US get its online news?

Facebook continues to lead the pack for social media sites Americans turn to for news, according to recent polling from the Pew Research Center.
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Ari Winkleman

The Graphic Truth: Where do Palestinian refugees live?

There are some 14 million Palestinians worldwide, and more than 6 million of them are refugees living in UN-administered camps scattered throughout Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, and Gaza.

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The Graphic Truth: Union workers in swing states

President Joe Biden joined striking US auto workers in Michigan this week to lend support to the labor unions that have been on the picket line.

This move – the first time a US president has joined organized labor groups in protest – shows the importance of specific states in the upper Midwest, where unions yield clout, in paving Biden’s path to victory in next year’s presidential election. Former President Donald Trump, for his part, also addressed auto workers in Michigan this week.

But this outreach isn’t just about the Great Lakes State and its important electorate – it’s reflective of both parties’ efforts to win over white working-class voters in a matchup that’s looking increasingly close.

We take a look at union representation across select battleground states and how they’ve voted in the past four presidential elections.

Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Russian and Chinese oil exports to North Korea

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Russian Pacific port city of Vladivostok is in part meant to highlight that both leaders – though isolated – still have friends in high places. Putin is expected to ask for additional arms from North Korea, while Pyongyang wants economic and material help as it struggles with ongoing food shortages and perennial economic mismanagement.

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Paige Fusco

The Graphic Truth: Canada wildfires scorch records

Canada’s 2023 wildfires are burning at a record pace. Blazes have forced thousands to evacuate, burned hundreds of homes, and resulted in four deaths. Smoke from this intense season has brought haze to North American skylines, worsening air quality for Canadians and Americans.

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Annie Gugliotta

The Graphic Truth: Coups ain't what they used to be

Early on Thursday, rebel soldiers announced that they had taken over in a coup in Niger. President Mohamed Bazoum was reportedly detained by members of the presidential guard, but it's not clear whether the rest of the military is on board, so the situation in the Sahel country remains too messy to know for sure who is really in charge. (Bazoum already survived a botched coup after winning reelection in March 2021.)

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Ari Winkleman

The Graphic Truth: Spanish political gridlock

Spain's snap election on Sunday yielded another hung parliament, which means no party or coalition has a majority of seats to form a government. So, what might happen next?

Here are four scenarios, ordered from most to least likely.

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