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When a suitcase becomes a part of your life

When a suitcase becomes a part of your life
Flying engineer - Eni's Faces | Eni Tv

From small town life in Irpinia, Italy to traveling to another continent more than 40 times a year, Daniela Morra can proudly say she is a citizen of the world. As a civil engineer and Eni's Chef de Site, Daniela travels between Congo, Egypt, and Milan every few weeks. While in Congo, she leads a team of 300, overseeing the maintenance and production of the plant, taking care of people's safety, and responding to the most dangerous of situations. For her, the dynamism of travel gives her energy. She finds herself always on the move, aiming towards new goals and being open to change.

Learn more about her nomadic lifestyle on the most recent episode of Faces of Eni.


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