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AI's rapid rise

AI's rapid rise
AI's rapid rise | GZERO World

In a remarkable shift, AI has catapulted to the forefront of global conversations within a span of just one year. From political leaders to multilateral organizations, the dialogue has swiftly transitioned from mere curiosity to deep-seated concern. Ian Bremmer, founder and president of GZERO Media and Eurasia Group, says AI transcends traditional geopolitical boundaries. Notably, the reins of AI's dominion rest not in governments but predominantly within the hands of technology corporations.

This unconventional dynamic prompts a recalibration of governance strategies. Unlike past challenges that could be addressed in isolation, AI's complexity necessitates collaboration with its creators—engineers, scientists, technologists, and corporate leaders. The emergence of a new era, where technology companies hold significant sway, has redefined the political landscape. The journey to understand and govern AI is a collaborative endeavor that promises both learning and transformation.

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