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Biden Enters The Race: US Politics in 60 Seconds

Biden Enters The Race: US Politics in 60 Seconds

Will Don McGahn wind up testifying before Congress?

Really tough call. I think he probably will. I think that he wants to. White House will invoke executive privilege. There will be a legal fight. But if he gets up there, it could be like John Dean in 1973, because McGahn knows exactly what Trump said on firing Robert Mueller.

Why does Mitch McConnell want to raise the smoking age to 21?

Well, he says it's to combat youth smoking. Anti-tobacco activists think it's a smoke screen, so to speak, to block other anti-smoking and vaping efforts.

How does Joe Biden getting in the race change things for other Democrats?

Well he's the front-runner, he's raising a lot of money, they'll have to go after him and attack him for being too moderate and not having enough positions on critical issues. The question is how far does Biden feel the need to go left?

What was the funniest joke at the White House Correspondents Dinner?

Well there was no comedian, so there weren't a lot of jokes. But Ron Chernow suggested that if President Trump's immigration policies had been in place Alexander Hamilton might never have gotten into the United States.

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