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Bolton's book & impeachment; EU carbon tax; presidential race

Bolton's book & impeachment; EU carbon tax; presidential race

Ben White, Chief Economic Correspondent for Politico, answers your most burning questions on US Politics!

Is there anything in the John Bolton book manuscript that could be big for the impeachment trial?

Well, absolutely. The revelation that Bolton says that Trump made it clear that holding up Ukraine was in return for a Biden investigation is big. It means that Republicans might want to hear from Bolton, which might mean more witnesses. So, yes, it's a big deal.

Are the US and EU on track for a trade war over the EU carbon tax?

Definitely possible. It's going to slow down any agreement between the US and EU on AG and other purchases, and it could lead Trump to renew his threat of auto tariffs on the EU.

Is there any candidate breaking out among the Democratic field in Iowa?

No, there's not. There were a ton of confusing polls over the weekend. Some show Biden with a lead, some show Bernie with a big lead. I think it really depends on turnout, which could be huge there. A huge turnout would be good for Bernie. But I think we could get a wash in the early states and then it really will come down to Super Tuesday and beyond.


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