China's Power Plays

Xi's Power Grab. Does the elimination of corruption justify authoritarian rule? Professor Keyu Jin of The London School of Economics, discusses the Chinese leader's strong-arm tactics on GZERO World.

On Sunday, suicide bombers struck churches and hotels across Sri Lanka. The carefully coordinated attack on eight targets in three cities killed at least 290 people. It's the deadliest terror attack in South Asia in decades, and the death toll could continue to climb in coming days.

Today, 22 million Sri Lankans and others around the world are asking: Why here? And why now?

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The Easter terror attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 290 people and wounded hundreds others thrust the country into the global spotlight. Here's what you need to know.

The Trump administration is again tightening the screws on Iran, announcing yesterday that the US will sanction countries that continue to import oil from the Islamic Republic. Exemptions granted to eight countries last May – including China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey – are now set to expire next month.

This decision is part of President Trump's "maximal pressure" campaign against the regime in Tehran. It comes almost a year after he decided to ditch the Obama-era nuclear accord and reimpose financial curbs in place before the deal.

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Sunday's coordinated terror attacks in Sri Lanka killed at least 290 people, making it the deadliest in South and Southeast Asia in decades. Terrorism has been on the rise across the region over the past decade – where there were 4,450 terror attacks in 2017, up from just over one thousand a decade prior. Here's a look at the deadliest.