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David Miliband and Ian Bremmer discuss the Atlas of Impunity

David Miliband and Ian Bremmer discuss the Atlas of Impunity
Why the Atlas of Impunity matters for every country in the world | GZERO World

What is power without accountability? Impunity. On GZERO World, Ian Bremmer and President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, David Miliband, discuss the Atlas of Impunity, a global project created by Eurasia Group, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and funded by the Open Society Foundations. You can find the Atlas of Impunity at: The Atlas ranks every country in the world on five aspects of impunity: conflicts, human rights, governance, economic exploitation, and environmental degradation.

Miliband argues that impunity, or “the exercise of power without accountability,” is increasing and “covers swaths of national and international life,” well beyond just war zones. He also emphasizes the importance of including the environment as a standard of of measuring impunity.

The Atlas of Impunity is meant to be a tool for people around the world to see how their own country scores on the five indicators. And what does this Atlas tell us? Miliband stresses the need for a “countervailing power, which starts with transparency,” followed by actions that "governments, businesses, and civil society” need to take to counter the increasing danger of the abuse of power.

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