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Putin's endgame in Ukraine

Putin's endgame in Ukraine
Putin's endgame in Ukraine | GZERO World with Ian Bremmer

We still have a lot more questions than answers about Vladimir Putin’s political future and Russia’s war in Ukraine after Wagner Group head Yevgevny Prigozhin’s 24-hour attempted mutiny and subsequent exile to Belarus.

On the first episode of GZERO World’s newest season, Ian Bremmer spoke with former Carnegie Moscow Center director and Kremlin ally Dmitri Trenin about the Russian view of the war and Putin’s endgame in Ukraine, just hours before Prigozhin announced his armed rebellion.

According to Trenin, Putin has strong public support to continue fighting in Ukraine because the Russian people see the war as an existential battle with NATO and the collective West for the future of Russia itself.

“Russia is being ganged up against because of its determination to protect and defend its own national interest,” Trenin says, “That's how it's seen.”

Before the war, Trenin was known as someone who could speak evenhandedly, even critically about Russia and translate its motivations for a western audience. But after the invasion––and after months of saying it wouldn’t happen––he rebranded himself as a hardliner and deeply support’s the Kremlin’s view of the war in Ukraine.

GZERO World strives to present a diverse range of views. Many will strongly disagree with Trenin's opinions, but hearing Russia’s perspective on the war could bring a better understanding of the paths to compromise.

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