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Hard numbers: Hawaii protects homeowners, Pakistan mob destroys churches, another migrant tragedy, aliens question humans

Aftermath of the fires in Lahaina

Aftermath of the fires in Lahaina

1 million: Hawaii’s governor has vowed to protect locals in Lahaina from being poached by opportunistic buyers in an attempt to prevent land grabs following last week’s fires. The average home in Hawaii costs more than $1 million, and many Lahainians already struggled to afford life there before the fire. The governor has instructed the attorney general to implement a moratorium on land transactions in Lahaina, but the move is likely to face legal challenges.

129: In Pakistan, 129 people were arrested in eastern Punjab after a mob of more than a thousand Muslims set fire to four churches and desecrated the homes of Christians. The mob, which was incited by claims that two men desecrated the Quran, reflects the rising religious and social tensions that have Pakistan on edge.

60: At least 60 migrants are presumed dead after capsizing off the coast of Cape Verde. Their boat, which left Senegal for Europe on July 10, originally had more than 100 migrants on board. Only 38 were rescued. The number of migrants that have left Senegal this year has surged, with many making dangerous journeys in bids to escape political unrest, violence, climate change, and poor economic prospects.

46/47: Are aliens messing with us? That was the question many had after seeing the question-mark-shaped star formation captured by the James Webb Space Telescope. The photo shows a tightly bound pair of young stars known as Herbig-Haro 46/47, which are being studied by scientists to learn how young stars gather mass over time.


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