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Aftermath of the fires in Lahaina

Hard numbers: Hawaii protects homeowners, Pakistan mob destroys churches, another migrant tragedy, aliens question humans

1 million: Hawaii’s governor has vowed to protect locals in Lahaina from being poached by opportunistic buyers in an attempt to prevent land grabs following last week’s fires. The average home in Hawaii costs more than $1 million, and many Lahainians already struggled to afford life there before the fire. The governor has instructed the attorney general to implement a moratorium on land transactions in Lahaina, but the move is likely to face legal challenges.
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An aerial view of a wildfire in Kihei, Maui County, Hawaii.

Clint Hansen of Maui Real Estate Radio/TMX via REUTERS

Maui fires kill at least 36 people

Hawaii’s wildfires have claimed at least 36 lives. The historic, western coast town of Lahaina has been ripped apart, with 271 buildings destroyed by the blazes. Relatives of people living in the region are worried about missing family members, and thousands remain without power.

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