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Hard Numbers: Aid struggles to reach Gaza, Trump previews "Unified Reich," Biden takes aim at gas prices, Heatwave in Mexico kills howler monkeys

​A truck carries humanitarian aid across a temporary pier to deliver aid off the Gaza Strip.

A truck carries humanitarian aid across a temporary pier to deliver aid off the Gaza Strip.

U.S. Army Central/Handout via REUTERS

14: Just 14 aid trucks have reportedly reached Gaza via a US-built floating pier since it became operational last week. US officials hoped the pier would initially facilitate the transfer of up to 90, and eventually 150, aid trucks per day. Meanwhile, as concerns over the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza continue to grow, UNRWA has suspended food distributions in Rafah due to a lack of supplies.

30: A 30-second video posted to Donald Trump's Truth Social account imagines a world in which another Trump presidency results in an economic boom driven by a "Unified Reich." Hold up, a WHAT? Trump took down the vid after a backlash about using the German word, which means "realm" or "empire" but which was mostly recently, and infamously, employed by the Nazis to describe their reign over Germany from 1933-1945. This isn't the first time Trump has run into the "using Nazi rhetoric" problem during this campaign. Last December, he warned of immigrants "poisoning the blood of our country." Critics pointed out that this echoed the language of Adolf Hitler's manifesto "Mein Kampf," which Trump later said he had never read.

1 million: On Tuesday, the Biden administration announced it’s releasing one million barrels of gasoline from a Northeast reserve to lower prices at the pump for Americans ahead of the summer driving season – and the November election. Recent polling shows President Joe Biden trailing former President Donald Trump in five of six key swing states.

85: It’s brutally hot in Mexico at the moment. The heat has led dozens of howler monkeys to drop dead from trees in the Gulf coast state of Tabasco. At least 85 of the primates — known for their distinctive and loud howls — have been found dead in recent weeks, according to local media.


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