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Washington Post’s Karen Attiah: U.S. a “Developing country” On Race, Equality | GZERO World

Washington Post’s Karen Attiah: U.S. a “developing country” on race, equality

In a personal and insightful interview with GZERO World host Ian Bremmer, Washington Post Global Opinion Editor Karen Attiah discusses this charged moment of unrest in America, and her own family's experiences with racism. Attiah, the daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, describes her father's journey from learning of Emmett Till's murder as a young boy to being cautious of police officers in Texas, despite the fact he was a successful doctor.

The complete interview is part of the latest episode of GZERO World, and begins airing today, Friday, June 19, nationally on public television stations. Check local listings and visit gzeromedia.com for more.

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