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Hina Khar: Pakistan Must Solve Its Domestic Problems and Step Back From a Global Role | GZERO World

Hina Khar: Pakistan must solve its domestic problems and step back from a global role

With Washington ready to downgrade its relationship with Islamabad, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, looking to form new friendships to protect Pakistan's strategic interests visited Moscow as Russian forces invaded Ukraine. In a GZERO World interview, Ian Bremmer talks to Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister, Hina Khar, about Afghanistan, Pakistan’s future choices, and India.

Khar argues that the West needs to accept its responsibility for starving Afghans. Military interventions like the US-led war in Afghanistan, she adds, cast a “deep shadow on the entire democratic value system.” She also thinks that the best way to help end the humanitarian crisis is to talk to the Taliban.

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Pakistan Suffered From Global Role; Should Focus Domestically, Says Former Top Diplomat | GZERO

Pakistan suffered from global role; should focus domestically, says former top diplomat

Pakistan has long punched above its weight in global politics. Yet, former Foreign Minister Hina Khar said her country has gained little from it.

That's why she'd like to see Pakistan taking a step back from the global stage to focus on its mounting domestic challenges.

“Our first role should be to our own people,” Khar told Ian Bremmer in a GZERO World interview at the 2022 Munich Security Conference.

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