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Join us live from the 2023 Munich Security Conference on Feb 17

It's been nearly a year since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, which has caused enormous suffering and setbacks around the world. What can we expect next for Ukraine, Europe, and the world?

Live from the Munich Security Conference on Friday, February 17th, at 11 am ET / 5 pm CET, our next Global Stage livestream conversation focuses on the current state of the Ukraine conflict and the road ahead. Ian Bremmer, President and Founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, and Brad Smith, Vice Chair and President of Microsoft, will be joined by experts from politics, the private sector, and international organizations to discuss the economic and humanitarian crises created by the war, the role of technology in the conflict, and the impact of foreign influence operations so far.

Live from Munich: Ukraine and the "Global Turning Point"

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Podcast: European unity vs Putin, energy shortages, & economic pain

Listen: Europe is bracing for a tough winter ahead. An escalating Russia/Ukraine war has mobilized much of Europe to Kyiv’s cause, but it’s also rocked the region, bringing a plethora of economic, political, and social challenges that will last long after the war is over. How will the continent make it out of what looks to be a particularly bleak winter? On the GZERO World podcast, Ian Bremmer discusses all that and more with German diplomat Christoph Heusgen, who served as his country’s Ambassador to the United Nations and is now the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference.

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Ukraine Made German Foreign Policy Go “Out the Window” | Global Stage | GZERO Media

Wolfgang Ischinger: Ukraine made German foreign policy go "out the window"

For Wolfgang Ischinger, former chair of the Munich Security Conference, the state of transatlantic relations is in good shape right now, although whether we'll have the stamina to stay on course is uncertain. In a Global Stage interview with Ian Bremmer, he seems more worried about American war fatigue than the Europeans — although the EU has Viktor Orbán and it's hard for Germany to cut off Russian gas. One lesson Ischinger has learned from the current crisis is that Europe must have America's back on China, especially with Taiwan. And he calls German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's recent foreign policy U-turns as "going out the window."

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Hina Khar: Pakistan Must Solve Its Domestic Problems and Step Back From a Global Role | GZERO World

Hina Khar: Pakistan must solve its domestic problems and step back from a global role

With Washington ready to downgrade its relationship with Islamabad, Pakistan's PM Imran Khan, looking to form new friendships to protect Pakistan's strategic interests visited Moscow as Russian forces invaded Ukraine. In a GZERO World interview, Ian Bremmer talks to Pakistan’s former Foreign Minister, Hina Khar, about Afghanistan, Pakistan’s future choices, and India.

Khar argues that the West needs to accept its responsibility for starving Afghans. Military interventions like the US-led war in Afghanistan, she adds, cast a “deep shadow on the entire democratic value system.” She also thinks that the best way to help end the humanitarian crisis is to talk to the Taliban.

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Talks With Taliban Won’t Legitimize Them (US Already Did That) | Pakistan's Hina Khar | GZERO World

Talks with Taliban won’t legitimize them (US already did that)

Want the Taliban to form a more inclusive Afghan government? Talk to them. Otherwise, don't complain about millions of starving Afghans.

That's the advice of Hina Khar, Pakistan's former foreign minister, to Western nations who say they don't want to "enable" the regime.

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Pakistan’s Hina Khar: India’s policies are undemocratic | GZERO World

Pakistan’s Hina Khar: India’s policies are undemocratic

The last time Ian Bremmer and Hina Khar met at the Munich Security Conference, in 2020, she called India a “rogue state” and a bully in the neighborhood.

Two years later, she argues that the Indian government has proven her right with undemocratic gestures like the Citizenship Amendment Act.

“Basically, you're saying everybody who is Hindu has the right to be an Indian citizen, and anyone who's Muslim has the least right, and anyone in the middle, we'll think about it,” Khar said.

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Pakistan Suffered From Global Role; Should Focus Domestically, Says Former Top Diplomat | GZERO

Pakistan suffered from global role; should focus domestically, says former top diplomat

Pakistan has long punched above its weight in global politics. Yet, former Foreign Minister Hina Khar said her country has gained little from it.

That's why she'd like to see Pakistan taking a step back from the global stage to focus on its mounting domestic challenges.

“Our first role should be to our own people,” Khar told Ian Bremmer in a GZERO World interview at the 2022 Munich Security Conference.

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Afghan Humanitarian Crisis is the West’s Fault, Says Pakistan’s Hina Khar | GZERO World

US has set the stage for Afghanistan’s humanitarian disaster, says Hina Khar

Afghans are starving. Not just because the Taliban are now in charge, according to Pakistan's former top diplomat.

“Of course, people are talking about the starving Afghan people who need our help,” Hina Khar told Ian Bremmer in a GZERO World interview at the 2022 Munich Security Conference. “But that's the white man's burden — not accepting what you did wrong in creating the situation that is starving the Afghans right now.”

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