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Jess Frampton

Broken dreams and sky-high prices: US and Canada say enough’s enough

Imagine waiting months to buy your teenage daughter a ticket to see Taylor Swift. You’ve saved up, she’s excited, and you’re armed with the verified fan code you need – only to have a botched Ticketmaster rollout dash the kid’s dreams. That happened to thousands who tried to buy Eras Tour tickets in 2022, resulting in floods of teenage tears – and class-action suits. Then, last year, some Bruce Springsteen fans had to cough up $5,000 to see the Boss, pressing the boundaries of ticket price absurdity.

These are just two examples of consumers growing increasingly fed up with high prices and poor service, both online and off. Luckily for them, change is afoot: President Joe Biden and state governments have seemingly got the message and are targeting anti-competitive behavior. And, at long last, Canada might soon follow suit.

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Singer Taylor Swift performs at her concert for the international "The Eras Tour" in Tokyo, Japan February 7, 2024.

Kim Kyung-Hoon/REUTERS

Swifties rejoice: DOJ sues Ticketmaster

The Department of Justice announced Thursday it is suing Live Nation, the parent company of Ticketmaster, alleging the company has built an anti-competitive monopoly in live events. Over 70% of all major concert venue tickets in the US are handled via Ticketmaster, and the DOJ says their market dominance has crushed competition in the sector, stagnating innovation and subjecting consumers to unfairly high prices.

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