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Tech to keep you healthy in 2020

Tech to keep you healthy in 2020
Tech to keep you healthy in 2020 | Tech in :60 | GZERO Media

New Year, New Me! What in-home fitness tech are you sold on?

Well, I love to run outside. So, most of the tech I love is outside fitness tech. So, great Garmin watch, its heart rate monitor on my arm. Garmin Pod that I wear on my waistband to check my balance. Little pods I wear on my shoes to check my pronation. All that stuff is great. I did use the Nike Fitness app inside my home for some cross training. And, tons of friends who swear by Peloton even though it's getting a lot of heat.

Is technology helping people stay motivated to work out?

Totally! Helps you track your workouts, help you track your fitness. Strava, it's an app I use, absolutely a huge help. Tech and Food.

How is technology changing the way we eat?

Lab grown meat, it's going to be a huge trend in 2020. You need lots of Impossible Burgers this year. Also, changing the way we cook. If you've been on YouTube to look for cooking videos, there is amazing stuff, particularly by my colleagues at Bon Appetit. So, learn how to cook. Eat some fake meat. Run it off with your Garmin Pods. I'll see you next week, nice and healthy.


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